How to Keep Your Pomsky Entertained

Pomskies are very active dogs and have plenty of energy. If they are unoccupied or left alone for long periods of time, they become very bored and if they have no outlet for their pent up energy, they can become destructive, badly behaved or even aggressive.

Taking them for long walks may not be possible at all times due to bad weather or due to your busy schedules and buying new toys all the time can be quite expensive. In such a scenario, you need to come up with various innovative activities and stimulation to keep your Pomsky entertained so that he is happy and well-behaved. Here are some alternative ways in which you can keep your Pomsky entertained.

Provide Your Pomsky with a Variety of Toys

Pomskies love toys and they are quite happy when they have toys they can play with. You don’t have to really buy expensive toys for your pet. You can create your own toys with things around the house. You can bundle up an old T-shirt or any other old cloth and make a ball. You can give your Pomsky an old teddy bear or some other toy that you no longer need for him to safely chew.

You can give your Pomsky a tough chew or a dog bone that can keep him occupied for quite a bit of time if you want to leave him alone at home and the food will also help to divert him from the idea that you have left him behind.

There is a wide range of toys available for your dog with different features. You can buy him puzzles or interactive games that will help to improve your pet’s problem-solving skills and also keep him busy. By giving your Pomsky a wide variety of toys, you can prevent him from becoming bored with them. Replace your Pomsky’s toys or rotate them regularly by giving him new ones every other week to keep up his interest.

Allow Your Pomsky to Burn Energy and Have Fun

Since your Pomsky has oodles of energy, it is guaranteed that he will enjoy classic games such as tug or fetch. Not only will these games help your Pomsky get a good understanding of basic commands such as “drop it”, “wait”, etc., they will help to burn off your pet’s excess energy and provide plenty of fun.

Like children, dogs are fascinated by bubbles and love trying to catch them. Doggy bubbles are safe for your pet and are a very simple and exciting way to keep your Pomsky entertained.

Play Games That Help to Stretch Your Pomsky’s Mind

Play games that encourage your Pomsky to use his senses and think. This will help to tire out his brains.

You can play “treasure hunt” with your Pomsky by placing treats around the house and then urging him to find them. Start by hiding the treats in simple places until your dog understands and then begin hiding them in more difficult to find places.

You can also play this game by hiding your Pomsky’s favorite toy and giving him plenty of praise if he finds the toy and brings it back to you.

Teach Your Pomsky New Skills

You can help your pet to learn and develop many new skills by choosing the right games to play with him. Mental stimulation can help your Pomsky to keep busy and also learn new tricks and skills.

You can play the “what hand” game with your Pomsky, where you hide a treat in one fist and ask the dog to identify and pick the correct hand the treat is in. This will help to develop your Pomsky’s scent recognition skills. This helps your Pomsky to learn to depend on his sense of smell to solve the problem. You can vary this game by using the “three cup game”, where you hide a treat under one of the cups and mix it up and then allow your Pomsky to choose the correct one that has the treat under it.

To improve your Pomsky’s word recognition skills and his ability to respond to your commands correctly, you can teach him the names of his toys. Start with one toy. Tell your pet the name of the toy and place it away from you and ask him to go and bring it back to you. Every time your Pomsky brings back the correct toy you named, give him his favorite treat and plenty of praise as a reward.

Once your pet has learned the names of the toys and is able to identify it, then you can hide it in some easy place and ask him to retrieve it for you. Once he learns to do this, start hiding the toys in difficult to locate places and introduce more objects into the game.

You can teach your Pomsky to perform simple tasks for you like collecting the post, fetching your slippers or the newspaper, etc. This helps to make your dog feel worthwhile and also improves obedience and helps in building a strong relationship between your pet and you.

Allow Your Pomsky to Socialize

Pomskies are quite sociable in nature and love running around and playing with other dogs and animals. By allowing your dog to have plenty of interaction with other dogs, he will be able to cope better with new situations and also become less wary around strange, unknown dogs.

A great way for your Pomsky to spend time and bond with other dogs is by arranging a “doggy play date” at home. You can also get your Pomsky to visit other dogs in their home or meet up at a park or some other place. This is a great way to provide social interaction for your Pomsky.

You can also have a walking buddy that walks with their dog regularly so that your dogs can socialize or you can attend groups where people meet and allow their dogs to play together.

Practice Obedience Training with Your Pomsky

A basic foundation of having a well-behaved dog is one that is able to follow basic commands and comes, sits or waits when commanded to do so.

Practice basic commands with your Pomsky so that he is able to respond to the commands properly and also remember them. You can incorporate basic commands into fun games such as fetch, etc. to make learning more fun for your pet.

Allow Your Pomsky to Experience New Things

Pomskies are very inquisitive and love things that they have not seen before. Allow your dog to have plenty of new experiences. This way he will never be bored and will have a wonderful chance to learn.

Take your Pomsky to a variety of places and let him meet new people and pets. This will help him get attuned to new surroundings and gain confidence.

Allow your Pomsky to try various foods and treats and allow him to experience different things such as jumping over things, getting wet, different kinds of weather, etc. These experiences will help your Pomsky to be fit and also help him to adapt to different situations and environments.

Relax with Your Pomsky

Just sit with your pet, stroke him and pay plenty of attention to him. These actions will help your Pomsky to feel loved and secure and allow you to forge a stronger bond of friendship with your pet.

You can give your Pomsky a soothing massage. This will help your pet to relax, especially if he is anxious or stressed. A massage will also help to relieve your dog of aches and pains if he is suffering from medical ailments such as joint pains, arthritis, etc.

Groom Your Pomsky Regularly

Regular grooming and maintenance of your Pomsky is a very important part of his health and well-being, though your Pomsky may not really appreciate the process. However, plenty of praise and some treats can help to make your Pomsky more tolerant towards the grooming process. Also, it is a great way to get your pet to respond to and obey your commands for a short period of time.

The grooming process will not only help you establish a close bond with your pet, it will also help to tire out your Pomsky that he will want a good rest after a grooming session.

Take Your Pomsky with You When Running Errands

Pomskies need to be active and need exercise every day. So if you don’t really have the time to take your pet for a walk or there is no suitable place for him to run about, you can take him out with you when you are running errands. Even a short drive in the car will do your pet good.

Pomskies are energetic and active dogs and need plenty of activity and exercise to keep them fit and out of mischief. They are also extremely intelligent, can pick up things very quickly and can be trained very easily too. It is these qualities that make Pomskies ideal dogs to bring home to your family. And with a little bit of effort and care, you can keep your precious pet entertained, happy and well-behaved.