How Big Will Your Pomsky Get?

Since the Pomsky breed is relatively new, there is no clear standard of how the dog will look, how big it will grow and what temperament it will possess. Typically, the Pomsky will grow to be half of the combined weights of the parents i.e. the Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian.

A full grown Pomsky’s size will depend on its parents size and the kind of cross breed it is. For example, if a medium-sized Pomeranian is bred with a big Husky, then the resultant Pomsky will probably be big in stature and weigh around 25 pounds.

However, if a small-sized Pomeranian is bred with a small Husky, then the chances are that the Pomsky will be smaller in size and weigh around 15 pounds. The fur and coloration of the Pomsky puppy will also depend on the parentage.

Even the breeder will not be able to tell you the size that the Pomsky will grow to finally, but will be able to give you a guesstimate on basis of the weight and height of the parents of the litter. In six months’ time your Pomsky will be more than half grown and in a year it will reach its fully grown size.


Height of the Pomsky

  • As an adult, the Pomsky usually grows to a height of 10 – 15 inches (the height of the dog is measured from the floor level to the shoulder, where the neck and spine meet).
  • It is very difficult to predict the accurate height of the Pomsky as its height is dependent on its parents’ height. If the height of the Pomeranian is between 8 – 11 inches and the Siberian Husky is around 20 – 22 inches, then a fully grown Pomsky will be around 10 – 15 inches.


Length of the Pomsky

  • An adult Pomsky is usually a bit longer than its stature.
  • The length of the Pomsky is around 12 – 17 inches approximately (measured from its chest to its rear).


Weight of the Pomsky

  • An adult Pomsky usually weighs around 20 – 30 pounds.
  • The weight of the Pomsky is also dependent on the weight of the parents. Assuming that the weight of the male Pomeranian is around 3 – 7 pounds and the the female Siberian Husky weighs around 35 – 50 pounds, then the resultant Pomsky will weigh between 20 – 30 pounds.




Differences in the Size of the Pomsky

As discussed earlier, there is no guarantee that the Pomsky will be of a specific height or weight. The size is dependent on the height and weight of the parents and kind of breed. The Pomsky can be below or above the average size.


Some Pomsky Myths Clarified

Pomskies Are Not Teacup Dogs

If you always thought that your Pomsky puppy is a teacup dog and you can carry your cute little Pomsky in your handbag, then you need to banish the thought immediately. Pomskies are not teacup dogs. When you breed a Pomeranian with a Siberian Husky, it is impossible to get a “teacup Pomsky”.

Pomskies Are Not Mini-Huskies

It is very wrong to simply believe that a Pomsky is a mini-Husky. As in humans, dogs too possess and display traits belonging to both parents. Some of the mother’s or father’s traits may be more dominant and hence noticeable. So how can one expect a Pomsky to be a mini version of a Siberian Husky?

Not All Pomskies Will Have the Husky Coloring and Markings

Siberian Huskies have distinct black and white colored fur and markings that make them unique. Most people buying a Pomsky expect a dog that will look exactly like the Husky. In fact, most Pomskies do not have the typical Husky black and white coloring. Like the variation in sizes of Pomskies, they also come in a range of fur colors such as tan, brownish, black, white or a mixture of many colors.

Don’t Get Cheated

Since the Pomsky came onto the dog scene, there have been plenty of pictures of cute and cuddly puppies floating around the internet. Most of them are fakes, pictures of dogs of other breeds. You must be very careful when buying a Pomsky. If the breeder tells you that your Pomsky will be a miniature teacup dog or a mini-Husky and have the same appearance as a Siberian Husky in the future, do not believe them. The breeder is trying to cheat you and make a quick buck from you.

Breeding a Pomsky Is Not Science


Since Pomskies are comparatively a new breed of designer dogs, there is no exact science behind their breeding process. In fact, Pomsky breeders have no idea what they are creating and what will be the final outcome.

Even if a Pomsky breeder is a professional with plenty of experience and positive reviews, he will not be able to give you any guarantee regarding the appearance, temperament and traits of the puppies he breeds. There is no way to predict the outcome as there is no major history or many generations of the breed to rely on and have an accurate idea of the result. There is also no way to predict the long-term health effects and lifespan of the Pomskies.

However, with the passage of time, hopefully, breeders will become more experienced and skilled, and the outcome will be ethical breeding practices and healthier Pomskies with predictable characteristics.

Getting home a cuddly Pomsky is an exciting proposition. However, you must be very sure of what you are getting into before making your decision. Make sure that you clarify all the misnomers you have about a Pomsky and how it will finally look and behave when it grows up before bringing one home lest you get disappointed later on. You may want to wait a bit and let the puppy display its temperament, traits and appearance before you actually bring the dog home so that you are able to evaluate how the dog will adjust to your home, your family and children.