Finding Reputable Pomsky Breeders

Pomskies are undoubtedly the cutest dogs you can lay your eyes on. They are the hottest trend right now and there is great demand for these “designer dogs”. And to meet this unprecedented demand, there are many frauds looking to cheat you.

Since Pomskies are hybrid, designer dogs, they come with a hefty price tag. You must do your due diligence before making a purchase. There are many instances of people becoming victims of scams. They were told that the puppy they were buying is a Pomsky, only to discover later that they have been cheated.

Also, most importantly, before you decide on bringing home a Pomsky, it is vital that you completely understand what a Pomsky really is, if your expectations are in sync with reality and this dog is the best fit for your lifestyle and family.

You must find a credible and genuine breeder to buy your Pomsky from. If the breeder is not reputable, you face the following risks:

  • You end up buying a fake Pomsky
  • The Pomsky you buy is a sick one or suffers from health defects
  • You get scammed and robbed of your money

Some Warning Signs to Look out For

Here is a list that you can make use of to determine if the breeder you are planning to buy your Pomsky from is genuine or not.

The Breeder Won’t Allow You to Visit Their Breeding Facilities

This is not a very good sign. If the breeder does not allow you to tour their facility, it is probably that they are afraid to show you the facility as there are large volumes of puppies being churned out in an unhealthy environment. For example, keeping dogs confined in tiny cages or crates.

The other reason may be because the entire breeding process may not be professional and just an amateur “backyard” operation. It is very easy for any person to get a Pomeranian and Husky, breed them and the litter of puppies will make them a quick buck. Amateur breeders are driven only by the profits from the sale of the Pomsky puppies and are unlikely to invest in the healthy rearing of the puppies.

The Breeder Does Not Meet and Interview You to Find Out If You Will Provide a Good Home for Your Puppy

Raising a Pomsky puppy requires time, money and energy. You need to provide your puppy with healthy food, good facilities, healthcare and proper grooming for him to develop properly and be healthy.

Authentic and ethical breeders are more concerned about the well-being and health of their animals rather than profits. They are concerned about how responsible you will be as pet owners and how responsible you are towards the puppy that you are taking home.

The Breeder Insists Only on Cash or Cash Equivalent Payments

If the breeder insists only on cash payments, then you should be concerned. If you pay in cash, do you have any documentation or safeguards for future reference? If your Pomsky puppy becomes sick and dies as soon as you bring him from the breeder, do you have any way out? Always, buy a pup from a breeder who gives you a receipt and a contract stating your rights as a buyer and their obligations as a breeder.

Pomsky Breeder Checklist

Here is a detailed list of the things you should look for to check if the Pomsky breeder is reputable or not. It is not necessary for all the boxes to be ticked; having most of them is good enough to make you feel comfortable about the authenticity of the breeder.

  • Does the breeder check your credentials and ask questions about you, your family, children, your home and its facilities, etc.?
  • Does the breeder allow you to tour their facility?
  • Is the breeder’s facility or kennel clean, sanitary and organized?
  • Does the breeder allow you to interact with the puppies’ parents?
  • Does the breeder get the animals checked up regularly by a vet? Does the breeder have records of the medical care received by the animals?
  • Does the breeder provide documentation to certify if the parents of the Pomsky pup are or aren’t purebreds? It is a good idea to check the breeder’s AKC or any other national kennel organization affiliation papers.
  • Does the breeder give a written guarantee of the health of the animals they sell?
  • Can the breeder explain the genetic issues and defects of the animals used in the crossbreeding process?
  • Does the breeder provide health records of the Pomsky’s parents?
  • Does the breeder provide the DNA testing of the Pomsky pup? Will they allow you to conduct your own DNA testing and give you a money-back guarantee?
  • Is the breeder part of any association or fraternity of breeders? Do they keep track of all the latest news and developments with the breed?
  • Will the breeder sterilize the dog before giving it to you?
  • Does the breeder provide referrals and references from earlier customers?
  • Does the breeder have an online presence like a Facebook page or a website?
  • Is the breeder willing to give you a guarantee that your Pomsky pup will have a specific appearance, grow to a certain size and have a certain temperament? If yes, then don’t believe them. You are definitely being duped!
  • Does the breeder provide a sales contract with the rights and responsibilities of both parties and will they take back the dog in case you are unable to care for it at some point in time in the future?
  • Are the Pomsky pups implanted with microchips for identification before you take them home?

Tips to Avoid Pomsky Scams

Ask the Breeder Plenty of Questions

You must contact the breeder in person or over the phone and ask lots of questions before buying a Pomsky. Ask questions about the Pomsky’s parents, breeding procedures, puppies, health checks, etc.

A good breeder will answer all your questions and help you feel assured about their puppies and your purchase. If the breeder dodges your questions and is eager to push the sale, then you must be cautious. Beware of breeders who will not take phone calls, will not meet you and communicates only via text messages or emails. Have a one-on-one conversation before you decide to buy a Pomsky from a particular breeder.

Ask for Photos and Videos of the Pomsky

Ask the breeder for lots of photographs and videos of the various stages of the Pomsky’s life to monitor the growth and health of the dog. Reputable breeders will provide you pictures of the Pomsky at various stages, photos of their siblings and their parents. A scamming breeder will not be able to provide you with sequential photos and videos of the Pomsky, as most probably the pictures he provides of the dog are stolen from the internet.

Visit the Breeder

Try and visit the breeder in person. If the breeder is not willing to allow you to visit their premises or see the Pomsky’s parents, it is most likely that the breeder is a fraud or the dogs are being bred in bad conditions. When visiting the breeder, look at how clean the living conditions and the dogs are. Ask to see the parents in order to check how healthy and clean they are.

Ask for References

A reputable Pomsky breeder will usually be prepared to provide you with references of the vet and previous buyers. This is the best way to eliminate scams. Asking for a previous buyer for reviews will strengthen the reputation of the breeder and will provide you with unedited views from an earlier buyer thereby establishing the credibility of the breeder.

Beware of the Pricing

On average, a Pomsky puppy costs anywhere between $1,500-$4,000 depending on the quality of the breeder and the puppy. The price of the Pomsky pup will depend on the quality, size and markings of the dog. Puppies that have the distinct coloring and markings of a Siberian Husky are likely to be more expensive.

If the breeder is quoting a price more than $4,000 or less than $1,500, then this is most likely to be a scam. The price of a Pomsky is quite high today and if you are getting one very cheap, then it is probably because the Pomsky is a fake.

Buy from a Registered Breeder with a Sales Contract

There are many breeders that don’t follow rules and regulations and resort to unethical breeding practices. Buy only from a registered breeder who is a member of the IPA (International Pomsky Association) or PCA (Pomsky Club of America). These clubs require registered breeders to follow ethical breeding practices and provide proper health guarantees, sales contracts, etc. to the buyer. Each pup sold will be accompanied by the association paperwork and registration.

You will be spending quite a big sum on your Pomsky pup and getting a Pomsky home is a decision that you will have to live with for the next 13-15 years. The cost of maintenance of the dog is not cheap and comes at a price too. The decision to bring home a Pomsky and selecting a genuine breeder is the most crucial step. Do a complete and meticulous research and make sure to protect yourself and your investment.