Costs Involved in Buying and Owning a Pomsky Dog

Pomskies have become quite popular in recent years and that’s not surprising since these “designer”, hybrid dogs are indeed adorable. Pomskies are in great demand and this is reflected in the high price tag that accompanies these pooches.

While buying a Pomsky pup, you should keep in mind that you are buying a dog that is neither a teacup dog nor a miniature Husky. A Pomsky puppy will grow to be a mid-sized dog, probably smaller than a Husky and easily weigh around 20-30 pounds. Also, when buying a hybrid breed, it is really difficult to predict the appearance and the temperament of the puppy. So before buying a Pomsky, it is better that you do your homework and find out more about the parents of the puppy so that you are better prepared for what to expect in the future.

Cost of the Pomsky

Pomskies are generally more expensive than your average breed of dogs. Typically, the cost of a Pomsky from a reputed breeder ranges in between $1,000-$3,000, which is pretty pricey. And depending on the heritage of the parents, the price may go up to even $5,000 for a Pomsky pup that is small in size, that has Husky-like looks and icy blue eyes.  Apart from just the cost of the Pomsky puppy, you may incur shipping charges to get your Pomsky puppy shipped to your doorstep, which may cost an additional $300-$500.

The reason why a Pomsky is so expensive is that there are not many Pomsky breeders around and the breeding process between the large Siberian Husky and the small Pomeranian is difficult as well as expensive. Also, if you are particular about the coat color, eye color, health guarantees, etc. of the Pomsky, these factors raise the price of the puppy further.

Also, reputed and experienced breeders tend to charge more, since the process of Pomsky breeding comes with plenty of knowledge and experience. Also, the process of breeding itself is expensive – health examinations, vaccinations, hormones, artificial insemination, etc., increase the price of the Pomsky.

You may get the Pomsky for a lower price; however, you must take care to check the authenticity of the breeder and the quality of the dog. You must ensure that proper breeding procedure has been followed. Be careful to check all the details of the Pomsky before you buy from online or unregistered sources.

The initial cost of the Pomsky puppy is not the only cost that you will incur. Raising a dog means incurring several other expenses.

Accessories and Toys

You need several accessories for your Pomsky such as a carrier, collar, dog bed, dog strap, leash, toys, etc. that are expenses you would have to consider. Since the Pomsky is a hybrid, its traits and temperament can vary greatly depending on its parents.

Pomskies get bored very easily and need to be kept busy with toys and games, otherwise, they will make all the things around your home like shoes, socks and furniture as toys to play with. So, you will need to spend a considerable amount of money buying toys to keep your active Pomsky entertained.


Your Pomsky needs a nutritious, protein-rich and low-fat diet comprising meat, veggies and fiber. A nutritious diet helps to keep your Pomsky healthy, active and his coat luxurious. Sometimes you may need to supplement the diet with special kind of kibble. These foods can be quite expensive. The doggie-treats you would like to give your Pomsky once in a while can also escalate your food bills.


The coat of your Pomsky can become very dirty, tangled and matted and you may not be able to groom your Pomsky on your own and may require hiring the services of a professional groomer or taking your Pomsky to a grooming parlor. This is a cost you will incur to have your dog cleaned and groomed professionally.

Professional Trainer

You may need to hire a professional trainer to teach your Pomsky some basic things or you may need to send your dog to a training school. Training your Pomsky comes at a price. Since Pomskies are energetic dogs and need plenty of exercise and activity, and do not like to be alone, you may have to hire a dog walker or a dog sitter to keep your pet engaged and happy if you work long hours or don’t have too much time to play with your pet or walk him.

Health Care

Though there are no specific health issues that trouble the Pomsky breed, your dog requires going to the vet for regular medical check-ups, deworming, vaccinations, etc. You may require frequent visits to the dentist as Pomskies are prone to dental problems inherited from their Pomeranian parent. Apart from the medical costs, you may incur additional expenses for spaying or neutering your Pomsky puppy.

Cost of Fencing the Yard


If you have a yard or a garden where your Pomsky can run around, then it is a good idea to invest money in building a high fence before buying your Pomsky, as Pomskies are “escape artists” and can easily slip out and get themselves into trouble.

Some Things to Remember When Buying a Pomsky

  • If you are buying a Pomsky puppy from a trusted but unregistered breeder, get the dog checked by a vet and get the DNA testing of the dog done before the purchase.
  • Check the registration details and reputation of the breeder. This can help you to avoid fake breeders.
  • Since the Pomsky is a hybrid and a rare breed, the Pomsky puppy should possess particular characteristics for it to be qualified as a Pomsky.
  • Check all the information and details about the Pomsky breed so that you are aware of what to expect when the dog grows up.

There is no doubt that buying a Pomsky and maintaining one is high-cost. However, a Pomsky puppy is undoubtedly the cutest creature you would have set your eyes on and is surely worth all the money and effort.